Dr. Gab’s and Conaxess Switzerland agreed on a long-term partnership

The local Swiss beer brand Dr. Gab’s and Conaxess Trade Switzerland decided to start a powerful collaboration as of 1st of July 2019.

Dr. Gab’s is already successful established in the Swiss retail market. Conaxess Trade will deliver sales force services and take over the Key Account Management and Trade Marketing Management in the Swiss retail market for Dr. Gab’s.

“Dr. Gab’s has been leading the craft beer revolution in the Swiss Romandie and has started to be present in the German part. We are excited to start working with the team of Conaxess Trade keeping the strong growth rates in the Romandie and further build the brand in the whole country. We have chosen Conaxess Trade to be our partner of choice as their market expertise and retail network is a perfect match to our ambitions.”
– Gabriel Hasler, CEO and one of the Founder of Dr. Gab’s

Rafael Schaer, CEO Conaxess Trade Switzerland, comments on the new partnership:

“The guys of Dr. Gab’s have done an excellent job in building the brand in the Romandie. The products taste fantastic and you can feel the passion by working with the team of Dr. Gab’s. I’m very happy to support Dr. Gab’s to reach the next level and establish the brand as a national beer in Switzerland.”

About Dr. Gab’s

Docteur Gab’s beer will never run dry as it springs from an inexhaustible source – strong friendship. In January 2001, three friends found their curiosity piqued by brewing and were inspired to take their first faltering steps in beer production. The venture did not end there and every year the quality and professionalism of the business has gone from strength to strength.

The brewery today employs 30 people, all driven by the same passion to offer distinctive, craft beers full of body and spirit. It’s a business with plenty of bottles.


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